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Welcome to The Lighthouse Retreat

A centre for Wellness, only 45 mins from Dubai

Let us take you on a Journey

An inspiring Retreat grounded in nature

Welcome to The Lighthouse Retreat

A centre for Wellness, only 45 mins from Dubai

Let us take you on a Journey

An inspiring Retreat grounded in nature

The first authentic Wellness Retreat in the Middle East. A Centre for well-being and rejuvenation where you reset mentally, emotionally and physically. A calm tranquil haven away from the stresses and demands of modern life, supported by Wellness Experts to focus on Body, Mind & Soul

“I spent 7 days at The Lighthouse Retreat because I wanted to experience everything that the program has to offer. I went to disconnect from work and daily stress/commitments. The food was delicious and super healthy (plant-based), the staff are phenomenal…”

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“A unique experience in UAE! The most beautiful place, created with love in an incredible setting. Amazing team, delicious food and an inspiring program. After 5 days I have come away with so many tools to help me continue the lightness of mind and body that I now feel.”

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“Found this retreat randomly online. I was not sure at the beginning if it would be as the Bali and Phuket retreats. Booked and went for 4 days, and my goodness it was so worth it. The venue is amazing, in the middle between a golf course and the sea…”

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Super Clean Food

Our super healthy plant based menu eliminates processed carbohydrates, meat and dairy products as well as additives and toxins to deeply cleanse and nourish your body & mind.

Community Feel

We welcome you to our retreat in our village community. Our team will be with you every step of the way, with coaching sessions to enhance your experience.

Stunning Scenery

Our seaside location is a true sanctuary: beach walks, paddle boarding at sunrise, and sun salutations in the red desert instantly calms the mind and expands the senses.

Holistic Programme

Our programme is specifically designed to work on the body, mind and spirit. Daily yoga, coaching sessions, getting into nature, energy work, clean eating and plenty of rest.


We used to consider ourselves fit and healthy, we exercised and ate reasonably well. In reality though, we were unbalanced, unwell and in a state of dis-ease. Like many people in the corporate world, our thinking was to push on through. We had a growing family and life was hectic, by the time we were in our late 30s our stress levels were at an all time high. We were both at breaking point, mentally and physically.

“Something had to change. We needed
to press pause, get some headspace
and detox our bodies and minds.”

So trips to wellness centres were booked. We
didn’t quite know what to expect, and the results completely blew us away. The yoga, exercise and clean eating, combined with the healing sessions gave us clarity and balance as well as amazing physical benefits; reducing blood pressure, clearing our skin, and flexing and strengthening our bodies.

It has been truly transformational integrating these practices into our daily lives. We are so excited to start up our wellness centre in our expat home. We look forward to seeing you here soon.



A calm, tranquil and
stimulating space,
instantly relaxing


Using practices to move
and ground the body,
connecting the inner world
with the outer world


Providing a venue for
like-minded individuals
to connect


Raising awareness and
educating people, giving
them tools they can apply